RIP Senator Daniel Inouye

How much did Daniel Inouye love America? Even though we imprisoned Japanese Americans like him, he fought for his country and won the Medal of Honor. The Nazis blew his arm off. That didn’t stop him. Nixon’s henchmen Haldeman and Ehrlichman called him “the little Jap.” He was a bigger man than any of them. And he was always his own man, sometimes making us liberals mad too.

Amazing to think, Hawaii has never NOT been represented by Dan Inouye in Congress; he was a literally there from the first day of statehood. Truly a passing of the torch. RIP, Senator. One more hero in heaven tonight.


Ozzy ‘Speak Of The Devil’ DVD out now

A really great concert film. It’s weird to say this, but it shows Ozzy as the consummate professional. Grief-stricken by the death of Randy Rhoads just a couple of months before, he still puts on a great show. And has any guitarist in the history of rock ever had a tougher gig than Brad Gillis, stepping into Randy’s (metaphorically) giant shoes?  A real testament to Brad’s ability that he played Randy’s parts essentially note for note.

Ozzy ‘Speak Of The Devil’ DVD out now | I Heart Guitar.

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100 Riffs (A Brief History of Rock N’ Roll)

Hands-down, one of the coolest guitar videos ever.  He doesn’t just play the riffs, he switches sounds, uses a wah, even goes into drop-D tuning and back on the fly.  Awesome!

100 Riffs (A Brief History of Rock N’ Roll) – YouTube.

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Things white Presidential candidates are allowed to do: vacation on the 4th of July

Imagine if President Obama and his family had spent the 4th of July jet-skiing and eating ice cream and Mitt Romney had spent the holiday with the troops.

Oh the HUMANITY!  Lazy Obama insults America!  Brave Mitt acts Presidential because he BELIEVES in America!  What does Obama believe in? Kenya!  And Allah!  And hip-hop barbecues!

Why is it that it’s completely fine with the right wing for Mitt to spend the 4th vacationing and not at all praiseworthy or noteworthy that the President commemorated the occasion by honoring and celebrating military families? Because no matter what the Obamas do, the Republican right questions their patriotism.  The White House 4th of July event was but one example of a very deep commitment the President and First Lady have made to the troops, backed by serious policy efforts to help veterans and support military families. Never mind the fact that President Obama “supported the troops” in the most important way of all: bringing them home from Iraq.

It’s Mitt Romney who protested in favor of the Vietnam war, then dodged the draft and spent two years living in a mansion in Paris instead of a foxhole in Khe Sanh.  But he’s the patriotic one.  Yeah, right.

The 2012 Les Paul Standard…

With apologies to the Stratophiles out there, the Les Paul is the most important electric guitar in the world.  2012 marks the first significant update in 4 years.  Peter Hodgson’s take:

The Stan­dard is not a Les Paul for tra­di­tion­al­ists. It’s a mod­ern take on the instru­ment which offers a huge range of pickup selec­tion options, a lighter feel and a very com­fort­able neck. But it doesn’t sound exactly like the Les Pauls of yore. It def­i­nitely has its own thing going on, and that’s the con­text within which this gui­tar should be viewed: as the 2012 Les Paul Stan­dard, not the 1958 one.


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True, Calipari’s approach to recruiting stars, who are lured to his team at least in part by their chances at making it in the NBA, may make him millions. But it also makes his job harder: Losing six players to the draft in one year, including two extremely promising freshmen, means he can’t coast through the next couple of years with an experienced team of veteran players.

NBA Draft: Kentucky Wildcats make history, and coach John Calipari’s leadership deserves another look – Post Leadership – The Washington Post.

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